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We are delighted to be involved in the inaugural CrisisConf2018. This is an exciting opportunity for emergency response professionals across a variety of sectors, in particular aviation and hotels, to get together to share knowledge and learn from one another so that together we can be better prepared and able to help those affected by a crisis whether directly or indirectly.

Abigail Pollard
Managing Director
Blake Emergency Services

One of the most valuable opportunities we are given is the chance to learn and take inspiration from others who have been where we have yet to walk. As Nelson Mandela said ‘there is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’. We should all continually take these opportunities to learn from others, as Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself’.

Attending CrisisConference will not only give you the opportunity to formally listen to the experiences of others, but additionally a chance to network informally and seek inspiration from others who may have some suggestions on the struggles you are currently challenged with.

Gill Sparrow
Manager Contingency Response Planning
Emirates Airlines

Conducttr is always on the lookout for innovative clients who want to raise their game. CrisisConf18 is attracting exactly the type of leading companies and local authority leaders we want to work with.

Bettina Gerlich
Business Development Manager

The Crisis Response Journal supports the best conferences on crisis management internationally with a focus on influencing thought and encouraging innovate discussions amongst professional organisations and individuals. The CrisisConf18 is groundbreaking , bringing together 2 industries that have enormous impact on us all, yet rarely have the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue. We are pleased to be supporting this event and look forward to discussions and learning that only this type of event can achieve.

Kirsty McKinlay-Stewart
Sales and Marketing Director
Crisis Response Journal

In 2017, Spirit Airlines had to respond to two mass-shootings, a major power outage at the Atlanta Airport, and three consecutive hurricanes. During Hurricane Irma, all Florida airports in the hurricane’s path were closed and all aircraft and affected crews were evacuated from those areas into neighboring states. In addition to moving aircraft and evacuating personnel, Spirit Airlines, headquartered in Miramar, Florida, had to shutter in its corporate offices and control center and relocate to its alternate facility in Detroit Michigan, all while maintaining a safe, ongoing operation. Upon returning to South Florida, a Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated numerous destinations throughout the Caribbean. Business Continuity wasn’t a plan that was nice-to-have; it was a rehearsed response that was VITAL to the continued operation of the airline. Is your company prepared for disaster?

Barbara Webster
Director, Emergency Response & Business
Spirit Airlines

Aviation and hospitality share many of the same issues and needs when it comes to crisis planning. They are also sectors that have traditionally led the way in crisis preparedness. By bringing these two groups together CC18 will help by allowing experiences to be shared across the two industries which will in turn lead to the building of even more robust crisis management programmes.

Ben McCarthy
Remote Group

Opportunities to explore organisational resilience, including disciplines like crisis, risk and continuity management, with leading practitioners and household names are fantastic ways to learn and improve. CrisisConf 18 is one of those unique opportunities and so not to be missed. As a boutique risk and resilience focused company supporting clients across a wide range of sectors, including aviation, recreation and hospitality, we are glad to be part of this sharing of knowledge and eager to help others from our extensive base of practical experience.

Alan Elwood
Risk and Resilience

For me Crisis Conference is important because it is a huge opportunity for those in the hotel and aviation industry among others to come together, share ideas, learn from others and understand how the industries operate on an international level. Enabling delegates to leave with potential solutions and ideas to ensure their industries are better prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Carly Cousins
Emergency and Contingency Planning Manager
Gatwick Airport

CMAC have serviced the aviation sector for over 10 years handling mass disruption for many airlines & handling companies. CrisisConf gives us the platform to understand the views and developments of crisis management in the industry but more importantly this coming from the industry experts (our clients) themselves.

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