CC18 for the Public Sector

CrisisConf2018 – The crisis management event for public and private sector

A significant emergency that directly affects hotels or aviation in the UK is a significant event for UK public sector.  Irrespective of the cause of the emergency, the management of the consequences is a complex, multi-agency effort requiring a combination of skills, information and resources.

At its heart, CrisisConf2018 is a conference to examine crisis management in aviation and hotels. The intention of the event is to bring together the public and private sector to understand respective priorities and increase our common knowledge of international crises; emergencies for aviation and hotels are ALWAYS international crises.

Chaired by the Head of the Cabinet Office EPC, CrisisConf2018 specifically welcomes UK public sector, local authorities and emergency services.  Your contribution to the debates and workshops is essential to complete the picture of cooperation and coordination in a crisis.

The take-aways you can expect from the conference:

  • Key skill development in crisis techniques
  • Networking with global crisis professionals
  • Case studies to use in your own training and exercises
  • Knowledge of other industries and the importance of pre-incident collaboration

Deborah Higgins

Head of EPC
Cabinet Office Emergency
Planning College

Beverley Griffiths

Director of Resilience
Cabinet Office Emergency
Planning College

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